Your effects
Paweł, Chodów, Małopolska province

After using HUMUS ACTIVE the difference is visible to the naked eye, nothing but savings when digging, the soil crumbles beautifully, there are no clods. I recommend it.

Henryk, Dragany, Lublin province

Spraying with 5% HUMUS ACTIVE was applied in order to save the plantation from liquidation because the plants were infected with rust. The treatment was repeated two more times, including the largest dose of 40 l per ha after the shoots were cut back. The decision to use HUMUS ACTIVE was right, the plants recovered quickly and gratefully responded by producing a yield of 23 tonnes per hectare!!!

Experimental Station for Cultivar Evaluation, Krzyżewo, Podlasie province

HUMUS ACTIVE was used in maize cultivation in four 10-litre doses. There was a clear difference in the condition of the plants and their growth. Experience with digging plants out from two plots – after the use of HUMUS ACTIVE and without – has proved the difference and positive effect of this product on plants. The root system is much more developed, and the difference in the circumference of the stem is also evident.

Borislav, Bulgaria

Photos of crops grown under cover with the use of HUMUS ACTIVE and without – the differences are visible to the naked eye, there was a much faster growth of both the aboveground and underground part of the plant. In addition to these positive effects, the taste and nutritional value were also significantly improved.

Wiesław, Łopienie Zyski, Podlasie province

HUMUS ACTIVE was used to save winter barley damaged by winter conditions. As you can see in the photos, a 20 L dose greatly improved the damaged plants without a loss in yield despite the winter problems.

ODR, Szepietowo, Podlasie province

HUMUS ACTIVE was applied here on spring barley in a dose of 20 litres per hectare before sowing and 10 litres in the tillering stage. An experiment was done with digging out a few plants from a stand sprayed with HUMUS ACTIVE and without using it. There was a difference in the overall condition of plants and above all in the root system.

Waldemar, Boleszkowice, West Pomerania province

HUMUS ACTIVE has been used on crops for a few years in 2 doses: 15 l/ha on crop residues and 15 l/ha as foliar treatment in the spring. It is obvious that on the plots where HUMUS ACTIVE is used, the soil structure has improved considerably and the plants utilize nutrients better, are resistant to short-term unfavourable weather conditions, which translates into higher yields. In the case of faba bean, despite the described problems, a yield of 5.4 t/ha was achieved, where a year earlier this was only 2.8 t/ha.

Jan, Opole province

I have been using your products – the plonochrons and the soil improver. The plonochrons, especially the alkaline and potassium ones, worked very well. They extended the fruiting period of cucumbers on the allotment until the end of September, and the tomatoes in a polytunnel are still bearing fruit (despite a few years of cultivation); they stay healthy. I sprayed them with the alkaline and potassium plonochrons only twice. Sensational. I did not spray with anything else.

The largest tomatoes were over 1300 grams. My record is 1848 grams in 2015, and this year 1802 grams, effortlessly. The same with pumpkin. My record is 580.5 kg in 2011, and this year almost 408 kg, without even being looked after (grown by my son).

I know how to grow crops, and I can say that your fertilizers suit me very well. I recommend them to my friends and I will make purchases directly for them, too.

Yours sincerely, Jan from Zdieszowice.

Grzegorz, Lublin province

Humus Active was applied to the soil onto crop residues at 20 l/ha and in the spring at 20 l/ha plus about 100 kg/ha of fertilizers for the first time in the field where for the third time in a row wheat was cultivated. The photos show the difference in crop height without the use of your product and after using it.

Krzysztof, Łódź province

A red currant plantation on Class V soil, Humus Active was applied to the soil at the end of April and the beginning of May 2017. The photo shows visible new growth and juicy green foliage with a large surface area. Before flowering, the phosphorus and micronutrient Plonochrons were used. The photos show the difference when Humus and Plonochrons were not used, with visible yellow leaves – no new growth, small berries.

Marek, Mazovia province

To find out whether Humus Active works, I have used it at 20 litres per ha for 3 years on some fields and there is a huge difference.