Humus Active for improving soil conditions

Good sources of organic matter for plants include manure, ploughed-in plants (mustard, legumes) improving soil structure, and shredded straw after combine harvesting of cereals.

On light soils it is recommended to use about 60-80 t/ha manure and to plough it in as deeply as possible (down to 50-60 cm, and on very light soils down to 80 cm). In contrast, on heavy soils it will be sufficient to place the fertilizer at a depth of 25-30 cm. Manure is very beneficial for the growth and development of plants. On light soils, organic fertilizers placed at the right depth will improve their structure and retain water in the soil for a longer time. At present, there is not enough manure for the needs of crop production, so we should look for an effective alternative for the soils that are becoming depleted. The problem of organic matter shortage in Poland’s soils is more and more evident every year. The solution to this problem can be organo-mineral fertilizers and complex soil improvers with a high proportion of stable active humus and rich bacterial microflora that restores the microbial balance in soils. With appropriate management of crop residues, skilful crop rotation and management of aftercrops, we can reduce the costs associated with fertilization by up to 50%.


Damian Gawroński, M.Eng.


Maximizing profits thanks to the positive humus balance

29 May 2018 | EKODARPOL