Granulated organo-mineral fertilizer PLONAR ACTIVE is intended for use on all types of soils. It is used in field crops and in horticultural production. It is also recommended for use on light soils with a low organic matter content, as well as for the restoration of soils and for degraded soils. PLONAR ACTIVE is a highly efficient fertilizer that improves soil fertility. It contains concentrated humic acids and macro- and micronutrients in forms that effectively limit their leaching and reversion. The nutrients contained in PLONAR ACTIVE are easily absorbed by plants. With systematic use of PLONAR ACTIVE and proper management of organic residues after harvest, we can reduce mineral fertilization by up to 50%. A kilogram of PLONAR ACTIVE in action effectively replaces a tonne of manure.

Improves the soil structure • Retains nutrients in the soil and improves their utilization (reduces the loss of nutrients caused by leaching) • Increases the sorption capacity of the soil by up to 12 times
• Allows you to reduce mineral fertilization by up to 50% • Significantly increases the water capacity of the soil, which helps to protect plants during periods of water shortage • Activates the development of native positive bacterial microflora • Makes available all the organically bound nutrients by mineralization of organic matter in the soil • Corrects the acidifying effect of physiologically acidic mineral fertilizers • Restores the natural fertility of soils by increasing the humus content and accumulating nutrients and water • Favourably affects the development of the root system and the condition of plants • Increases yields and the profitability of agricultural production.

35% – organic matter
65% – humic acids
3.5% – phosphorus P2O2
6.5% – potassium K2O
9% – calcium CaO
9.6 – pH

PLONAR ACTIVE is applied pre-sowing or onto stubble before the planned soil cultivation that will allow the fertilizer to be mixed with the top soil layer. PLONAR ACTIVE should be spread evenly on the field surface. The fertilizer can also be used in no-tillage cultivation. It can be used simultaneously with other mineral fertilizers in the form of granules.

The fertilizer PLONAR ACTIVE should be stored in the original packaging under a cover protecting it from getting soaked or damp.