As part of the development of scientific and research facilities, PPH Ekodarpol launched in 2015 a testing laboratory with a biological and chemical profile. It allows comprehensive testing at each stage of production, which guarantees high quality of the products offered.

The laboratory also provides testing services for the needs of agriculture. It performs physico-chemical and microbiological analyses of soils, waters, plants, fertilizers, and food products.

It specializes in comprehensive soil testing for agricultural purposes, including soil sampling, physico-chemical and microbiological analyses, interpretation of test results, soil fertility mapping, and individual fertilization recommendations.

Thanks to the competence of our staff, the highest-quality laboratory equipment and the use of standardized testing methods, we have gained the trust of a wide range of satisfied Customers in a short time.

Customers of Laboratorium Ekodarpol can count on comprehensive service, completion of orders on time, short waiting time for test results and professional advice.