ORGANO-MINERAL HUMUS COMPLEX for all large-area field crops, fruit and vegetable crops, and under cover; in addition, for use in plant nurseries, urban green areas and for soil restoration. Recommended mainly for intensive industrial crops and with simplified crop rotation. With a wide C:N ratio in the soil (which is the case with most arable soils) it can be used for the decomposition of post-harvest residues.

– you raise the efficiency of nutrient utilization from the soil up to 15 times,

– you improve the structure of your soils and take care of their fertility,

– when used systematically, you raise the soil water capacity up to 8 times,

– you supply the soil with over 10 kg of pure humic acids, which are the main component of soil humus,

– with a disturbed C:N ratio and intensive nitrogen fertilization, it optimizes the conditions for the development of bacterial microflora and accelerates the decomposition of post-harvest residues,

– does not require a pre-harvest waiting period,

– when used for foliar application, the humus complex has a positive effect on the utilization by plants of liquid fertilizers or agents that are the basis of the spray treatment,

– with HUMICO ACTIVE, your yields rise, costs fall, and the soil stays in good cultivation.

55% Humic Acids, 0.6% Potassium (K2O), 0.4% Phosphorus (P2O5).

Apply in the morning or evening at temperatures between 5°C and 30°C

SOIL TREATMENT: For all field-grown crops: arable, fruit and vegetable crops and on plantations, use HUMICO ACTIVE as a soil spray at 20 L/ha, diluting with 400 L of water.

It can be used in the autumn and spring, preferably before rainfall, or by mixing with the soil. It can be used post-emergence in the early stage of growth to cover the soil as much as possible with HUMICO ACTIVE spray. It can be used with other liquid products for soil or foliar treatments.

FOLIAR TREATMENT: In order to increase the effectiveness of foliar treatments, you can use for each foliar spray 5 L HUMICO ACTIVE can be mixed  with fertilizers and foliar preparations, provided that the concentration of these products in the spray liquid does not exceed 3%.

Store at a temperature not lower than 5°C and not higher than 30°C in a place inaccessible to children.

Protect from the sun. The product is approved for marketing by the decision G 582/16 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The working liquid of HUMICO ACTIVE does not require a pre-harvest waiting period. HUMICO ACTIVE can be combined with agents, mineral fertilizers and other products of chemical synthesis, provided a combined test is conducted on one’s own. The user bears full responsibility for combining HUMICO ACTIVE with other chemical synthesis products in one spray.