BIOCHRON– for ticks and mosquitoes 600ml

BIOCHRON– for ticks and mosquitoes 600ml

BIOCHRON NATURAL REPELLENT AGAINST TICKS, MOSQUITOES, GNATS AND OTHER insects bothering us while staying at water reservoirs, in the woods and on allotments.

> natural,
> effective,
> convenient to use,
> long-lasting /working for up to several hours/
> helps to protect the skin of people and animals against insect bites,
> does not contain synthetic dyes or chemical ingredients.

contains vinegar and garlic as the basic substances.

Product ready for use without dilution. Shake before using!

Cover evenly exposed parts of the body and clothing from a distance of about 20 cm. The BIOCHRON should be applied indirectly (by smearing) to the face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes.

The BIOCHRON can also protect animals that live every day within the household, i.e. dogs and cats. Having in mind the safety of our pets during a walk, spray the entire surface of the fur from a distance of about 20cm.


In case of contact with eyes, rinse the eyes with plenty of cold water. Do not use the BIOCHRON preparation on people with an allergy to the basic ingredients – vinegar and garlic.

In case of swallowing and feeling unwell, seek medical advice showing the packaging or label.

Keep away from children.

Store at temperatures above 5 deg. C and below 30 deg. C.

The product is certified by PZH/HT- 3077/2015.

The preparation was devised by Prof. Olgierd Nowosielski.

Expiry date shown on the packaging.